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What Will the CFI Actually Do?

    We are being very ambitious. here are some of the projects being planned...

    will collect weird stuff of all kinds case-related evidence, relics, objects, memorabilia, ephemera etc related to any category of fortean interest; it will also organise special and educational exhibitions (eg. UFO-related artworks).

    will build up a collection of books, periodicals, newsclippings and illustrative material for public access.

    will develop, in parallel with the library and museum, a reference collection which we will endeavour to make accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

    The CFI presence on the web will be a unique information resource called the Encyclopedia Forteana. This will make use of the latest technologies to provide sound information on people, creatures, ideas and beliefs, organisations, places, dates, topics, case-studies, latest events and publications and so on, enhanced by lists, FAQs, bibliographies, reading lists etc. Other levels (fully integrated but with restricted access) will provide researchers with primary indexes, catalogues and special archives of data and images.

    Information services, reading lists and guides for schools to encourage sound thinking and practical strategies for assessing anomalous phenomena etc.

    Images are an important part of documentation and need archiving too. We're dedicated to preserving visual evidence of people, places, events, phenomena and so on. This special visual archive of art, graphics, film, video and photography will function in it's own right as a commercial picture library (acting as agent for copyright holders) and bringing revenue to the CFI.

    This is one of those functions that cuts across other departments, providing a lateral dimension to their vertical concentration. This department will receive donated and other incoming material, classify and catalogue, scan and digitise items ... and generally cross-reference all additions to the CFI collections. Probably the least interesting to the public, this department's work is crucial to the usefulness of the CFI.

    Expeditions, research grants The CFI will also hold focused seminars on specific issues, restricted to leading researchers in the subject, with the aim discussing and advancing the subject, and publish the proceedings.

    As a proper institution, CFI will work towards improving the standards of scholarship in our subjects and will speak out for writers and researchers, especially in the pursuit of fair pay, copyright and proper credit. Nor will we shrink from speaking out against attempts to mislead the public through shoddy scholarship, bigotry, deceit, fraud and malice as these demean our profession and confuse the public.

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